Prediabetes or Borderline Diabetes

Prediabetes or Borderline diabetes is a condition in which you have higher than normal blood sugars, but not to a level high enough to be Diabetic. It is a condition that needs monitoring and intervention.

Prediabetes: an intro

It is important to recognise if a person is at higher risk of becoming diabetic so that lifestyle can be changed to help reduce the risk of becoming diabetic. The National Diabetic Prevention Program (NDPP) is available to guide patients to make positive lifestyle choices. The sessions are delivered ‘remotely’. The groups are delivered in other languages eg Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and Polish.

Please see the link to their website below

Healthier you website

Boroughbury Medical centre is sending out text messages to assist our patients to self refer.

Text message 1 :

‘’You are eligible for the FREE NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme! Why? In the last 24 months, your blood sugar was in the pre-diabetic range Note: Due to COVID-19 the program is delivered over the telephone; after 13.7.20 groups via Microsoft Teams also available. There is no need to contact your surgery, simply register TODAY:’’

Text message 2 :

‘’Over 80% of our patients who complete the program are no longer pre-diabetic. Start taking control of your health today.

NHS No: —


Date of HBA1C: XX

Groups beginning on: 13 July (new groups offered weekly)

If you’re unable to register online, please call and leave a message at 0333 577 3010’’

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