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Flash Glucose Monitoring

January 2023: update in progress

Flash Glucose Monitoring using FreeStyle Libre 2 or Dexcom one devices have now been approved for use in Peterborough. The devices have been approved for all patients with Type 1 Diabetes and patients with Type 2 Diabetes who are on multiple doses of insulin. Flash Glucose monitoring removes the need for finger prick testing multiple times a day and has been shown to improve blood glucose control.

Please open the invite letter below to register for your support session and order starter kit for freestyle libre 2

The following is more information on how to download the freestyle libre app

Getting started with Freestyle libre 2

Please register for the training and order your starter kit. We need to know you are going ahead with the freestyle 2 libre so we can add the appliance to your repeat medication list. Please reply to the text message sent.