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Throat and Ear Examinations

we are increasingly aware that a good proportion of examinations can be performed without the need to visit the practice. The Covid-19 Pandemic has meant we have had to change the way we manage certain complaints.

The need for prescribing antibiotics for a throat infection can now be assessed without the need to be seen at the practice. This does depend on you having a mobile phone with a good camera. Please see the YouTube video below.

How to take a picture of your throat and send to your GP / Nurse

We do know the vast majority of sore throat are ‘viral’ in nature and will therefore improve with simple measures. Examining the throat can be essential to guide whether an antibiotic is needed.

Ear Examinations

This section only applies to people who have recurring problems with their ears. A very common concern is whether a person has an ear infection or ear wax causing reduced hearing. Again technology is moving at an alarming pace. We now know there are devices available that can facilitate self examination of your ear. These devices can be plugged into your smart phone or tablet. We would only advise using this for adults and if you have a question or concern please speak to your GP

Youtube clip demonstrating use of an otoscope

The pictures recorded can then be sent yo the practice to assist your clinician with deciding your treatment plan.